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Monday, September 19, 2011

I know I know...been a while

Sorry for the long absence everyone! Homecoming weekend :)
Just thought I'd check in so you can all know that I haven't abandoned you :) I promise I will write to you about more adventures soon. For now, it's sleepy time and I have got to cram study for one of the crappiest test weeks of my lifeeee...

Stay fresh my friends :)

<3 Rah

Thursday, September 15, 2011

So..Tired. Thirsty Thursdayy!

Well, if you are even remotely of college age, or have gone through college then you should know that Thursday is a heavensent day. Thursday my friends, is thirsty thursday, jersday for you juice-heads/grenades, and for most college students.... a rare thing called friday. For me?? Nope, nothing. For me it is, everyoneisgonefromschoolandyouhavesomuchtodoandlearn day. FML. Now you ask, well was your terrible not-thirsty thursday eventful.. I'm not exactly sure.

I woke up... walked to class in a monsoon/thunderstorm. Always fun.
Proceeded to watch Dom Mazetti videos to make time go by muchhh muchhhh faster!...

Here I am now. Writing to you all, eating a cup of noodles...
Maybe I should have put my tuition money towards buying a life... it might have come in handy today.

On the bright side... I walked by a car of people having really loud dirty sex last night in the school parking lot..
Quite interesting and one of those things that make you sit back and thing 'Oh, College..'

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Moral of the Story: Don't get StraightTalk >=[

So.. I finally decided to stop being upset about the whole boyfriend/guy friend situation. All I wanted was to talk to my boyfriend today and I knew things would be fine. My boyfriend is, let's say, stuck in the stone age. He has no idea how to use a computer nor does he own one! So when it comes to adding minutes to his straighttalk phone, guess who's the boss.. Finally, last night his monthly plan ended and I had to make sure I refilled it so that I could talk to him and stop being such a worrisome little girl. I refilled it, blah-d-blah blah... I woke up this morning and went to call him and all I got was a busy tone! Over, and over, and over and over! Calling his house didn't work at all. Really, who answers house phones anymore right? Apparently they're over rated. Perfect conditions to make an already worried girlfriend even more paranoid. So I finally figure out the issue... he can text but he can't send or receive calls! He wants me to talk to tech support of course. Come to find out, the 'last four digits of [his] phone number have been compromised'.....



Honestly, I have no idea what it means, all I know is this means that I'm going to have to sit on the phone with some techy that can barely speak my language.. not fun. Oh, and I need the serial number on the phone to be able to do this.. Well guess what. The phone is two hours away, so that is not going to happen. Doing the smartest thing possible, I chose to google the apparent issue. Some lady was saying that this happened to her continuously and that they tried billing her multiple times and when she called they would tell her that there was no record of her ever being charged or even buying a plan! This better NOT happen to me or that phone is soooooo out the back window of my car.

How aggrivating, right?!

On a lighter note.,,,

Someone threw up in the hallway today..
First, shit in the shower, now throw-up in the hallway.
It's going to be an eventful year with plenty of bodily excretions so it seems..

Scratch the lighter note thing..
That's just NASTY.

Anyways, leave comments for me and stuff :)

<3 Rah

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wahh :(

So normally I'm not the depressed, emo girl type, but sometimes I have those moments where everything is just downhill until I go to sleep and wake up the next day.. I guess this would be a good point to note the fact that I have a boyfriend that I have been with for 2+ years now and he is working full time at home while I am 2 hours away at college. I mean, it's nice that we are used to being apart during the week anyways, so not much has changed.. but sometimes, things sort of just get to you a bit you know? It's like when you realize you left your cat on vacation all week without saying goodbye and leaving her favorite meow mix out for the sitter to give to her.

Anywho... I have a good guy friend who comes to college with me.. let's call him Drew. Drew has been my friend for 7 years now, and nothing more than that. We hang out at college, just because it is nice to have that one person that's used to the same scenarios you are from back home... Well, my boyfriend doesn't say that he's jealous, but I somewhat get that vibe. I guess I need to drop Drew now to save my man. I just feel blah.

But, I'll wake up tomorrow and think this is completely stupid, like I normally would. So goodnight and see you tomorrow when I'm a happy girl and not an anti-social, emo biatch..

Oh, College

Well. Another night at college, and another restless one.

So, RA's are supposed to keep your dorm quiet right? Well, I feel that being a good student I should be rewarded for going to bed at midnight for my 9:30 am Anatomy class. (if you took anatomy, you'd understand why you need all of the sleep that you can get too...) So anyhow... laying in bed, tossing and turning... finally tired. Yet again, blessed with the room next door to the bathroom, so I get to hear all of the wonderful sounds coming from there... yippee! Apparently, the hot spot on campus to be at 1 am is in the bathroom! Bitches screaming and yelling and holding intense conversations about God knows what. Really? It's 1 am and you're discussing ponies and princesses in a place that only men should worship. Finally, I get really fed up and so does my room mate.

Group trip to the bathroom!

We go in and pretend we have to pee so we each take a stall. (Luckily, I really did have to pee at the time, without even knowing it!!) They're talking about french braiding your own hair and all kinds of other lame stuff. Finally, we go to wash our hands and next thing you know, we're in the social circle. Learning names, cities, all of that fun shit no one cares about at 1 am. I can finally go back to bed in peace, but thinking really hard about the girls being obnoxious at their early morning bathroom rave, I realize it's our hallway's RA. Really? You are supposed to be the biggy bitch knocking on people's doors telling them to shut up. Obvioulsy you do not care at all about our hallway as you can't even shut up at 1 am for meeeeeee.

I guess I should let it go... this all seemed so much more nerve racking at 1 am...

On the plus side:
I went to a free bbq at the school today! Best thing ever..... free stuff!
I got a free t-shirt, free tanning crap, free purple condom that says wrap your package, with a picture of santa holding onto a present :) Man, my boyfriend will love that one!

I guess today just wasn't that comical of a day... maybe in a few days when I'm not avoiding crying all night because of my anatomy tests in a week to come :)

Please, show me the love so I can live to see another week!!!!!!

Much love,

Monday, September 12, 2011

F*** Mondays

So, it's monday..
The dreaded, evil day of the week that ends your fun and makes you get back into learning mode with a huge lack of sleep. Here I am on Monday. Chose to get up at 8 for an 11am class. Dedicated, I know. 8 am rolls around, screw that, I sleep until 9. Finally I'm up and getting ready to go. Time to brush my teeth at 10:30, right before class to assure freshness. Bathroom, closed for cleaning.

Really now? Who in their right mind cleans a bathroom at 10:30 am!? That's prime bathroom time! Couldn't be that smelly girl though, so I resorted to brushing my teeth in this glass cup I have from urban outfitters. It's clear, and it has a mustach on it. Comical for drinking, not so comical for brushing your teeth. Realizing I can't dump out the ice water, I know my roommate is going to find me to be a sloppy bitch, which I AM NOT! So do I leave a note? Nah... I poor that shit right out the second floor window... Of course you can guess what happened next.. It hit someone.

Just messin guys. It would be way toooo obvious is it hit no, it didnt. I was then able to proceed with my shitty Monday, teeth clean and ready to face 2 hours of biochemistry. Another college tip, be thankful for taking notes..

My professor takes all of our notes for us, so you sit there for two hours staring at the wall. That is no fun. At least when taking notes you can do something, and maybe know your stuff, but this is utter yawn material. Finally, it's over.

I'm back in my room, ready to get crsckin on some homework. Internet's running good for once, finally starting to win at life. Go on, halfway through an online survey for a class... BOOM... Internet is down. Resulted to taking s nap, waking up groggy as hell, and writing this for all of you so that you can do your easy high school homework while laughing at the miserable life I have.

No no no. I'm sure you all try in school and take reallllllllly challenging classes, and I really have the best life ever...Just not in biochemistry, anatomy, or the world of my school's Internet...

Until another day,

Sunday, September 11, 2011

I Swear I'll Shut Up Until Tomorrow; After THIS

Well I am getting followers! Never thought it would be possible, but what is a blog without someone to read and enjoy what I say, right guys!? Well, please, for you lucky fellows following me, make sure to PASS ON THE WORD. Seriously, like, leave this page up on your browser for others to casually notice while in your bedroom, kitchen, dorm room.. bathroom... I promise, I won't judge you for that one... And while you're at it... mention it at your school lunch. Make fliers? Well, maybe a tad over the top, but it can't hurt right!?

Ever have those nights where you are just so randomly tired you laugh at everything? Yeah, I'm there right now. Laughing about the BO of a girl I brought to school with me after the long weekend. Is it evil that when she got out to take a cigarette break I pulled out my portable Febreeze (super handy, get it in baby powder ;)), and I sprayed that seat down like no tomorrow. Didn't seem like she noticed or was offended, so there we go folks. Use the febreeze, make people happy, FOLLOW MY BLOG!